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Alexandre Miroshnichenko and Elizabeth Ilona Miroshnichenko (born Erzabeth Ilona Simon)


My wife is very sick -- her kidneys are not working. It is necessary to go to dialysis three times a week. Besides this, recently she fell and broke her arm and presently she is in a hospital. All this made me think about this whole situation.

The sick person: I do not want to live like this -- it is better to die.

Reflection: Really, she is helpless, entirely depending on me and others, the great burden for everybody, so it would seem. Having reflected on this subject, I read to her the following:

"You got used to serve people and God. You were always independent, cheerful, sympathetic, loved people and helped them. In particular you loved young people, children and babies. For you there was no difference in age, nationality, creed or race. All of them were for you people. You were not afraid that this might hurt you at your work, you helped 22 persons to find employment in your company. When you were young, you were blazing blonde, and worked in a hospital and sat together in a dining room with colleagues, who were black like earth. With all of them you had good relationships. You sincerely loved all of them, embraced them and sometimes even kissed. Among your countrymen, Hungarians, you are considered some kind of semi-saint.

Now you are helpless and entirely depending on others and this for you is very difficult. But I wish to remind you of something and this is not something that I read somewhere or made it up. I, the engineer, who for many years developed the logic schematics for computers, have seen this with my own eyes, have thought this through and felt during the last three years.

You are not a burden not needed by anybody, but you are continuing to serve the Lord God and people, but in an absolutely new role. I saw how you and people around you accepted the fate, became more thoughtful, more humble. Pride, knowing-all has left and people quited down. They started to understand better what is life, that we are all on the edge of death and that is why we should not pay attention at things which are not of lasting nature.

From all of your friends, I learned most of all. I became more humble and started to appreciate more the womens' housework -- the work of a housewife.

You became a living embodiment of the Sermon on the Mount. Looking at you, people become better. You are continuing to serve the Lord God and people, but in an absolutely different way. Your new role, is even more important than the old one, as it now touches the very soul of a person and makes it better.

Speaking about our children and grandchildren who have grown, and are growing in materialism, an abundance, without pain and sufferings, it becomes now clear, that for their souls, it is very important that they see sick and suffering people and somehow participate in their recovery and care.

    Glory to God for everything!

    18/31 August 2002
    Sequel of the Dormition of the Most Holy Mother of God

kb04krest.jpg (2KB)
With a deep regret I am announcing
the repose of my beloved wife
which followed,
after a long and difficult illness,
on August 2nd of 2005
   Let God give the rest to her bright soul   
in the dwellings of the righteous.

Respected and dear reader!
Please pray to the Lord God for
the soul of Elizabeth, who in many ways
contribured to the work of this site,
by creating the conditions for
its successful realization:
"Our Lord God,
remember in Your Kingdom
Your servant, our sister Elizabeth.

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Thoughts about a Sick Person
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