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I am the light of the world: he that follows Me
shall not walk in darkness,
but shall have the light of life.
(John 8:12 KJV)

These "Remarks" are regarding the article "Beneficial Influence of Christianity" (ДД-06а) and other similar ones from the same series (ДД-06.X). Christian postulates (beliefs) entered into the life of all people gradually, not-at once, and little by little cleaned everything and everyone. This did not occur instantly, but gradually, somewhere slower and somewhere faster. Sometimes the changes happened at once, and sometimes it required hundreds or even a thousand years. At that time society was drowning in evil and there was no other force or vector which would pull it towards Good. This was done by the Lord Jesus Christ and only by Him.

When talking about the influence of Christianity on a society, it is necessary to keep in mind that now (2006) we are living during a godless secularist era in the West and a post-godfighting era in the East. All the information on Christianity is distorted, denied and is poorly known, and consequently it can seem as a fantastic fabrication. But, all this is the absolute truth, and testifies to the fact as to how far present society has strayed from the truth. Only in some sermons or writings of clerics, does the truth, sometimes, creep in.
   Besides this it is necessary to remember that a society and the study of a society, is not an exact science like mathematics. It is only possible to speak in general terms and to sum up, but there are always exceptions. This means that in some society some qualities and behavior already have became an ordinary phenomenon, but still there are exceptions. For example, in this day and age, among a civilized society sometimes one encounters, but it is certainly a deviation from normal behavior and it is a mental disorder.

   Lord Jesus Christ come to earth to save mankind, since morally it was approaching a dead end. The evidences of moral decline, decadence, debauchery, terrible cruelty and other horrors can be found in many places in the Holy Scripture (Bible), lives of saints and some other books. For example, when queen Иродиада [Herodias] wanted the head of St. John the Baptist (who was in a jail) from king Ирод [Herod], this was carried out and the head of John was brought on a platter (Matthew 14:1-12). The well-known book by the Polish author Henryk Sienkiewicz "Quo Vadis" (Where are you going in Latin) describes those times and has many such examples.
   Archbishop Averky (Taushev, ROCOR) beautifully summed up this period in his article "Christianity – the Light of the Mind" (ДД-06.8).
   At that time the morals of the people were such that they simply were not capable of such noble ideas as: (1) that every person is your brother; (2) that it is necessary to love all and even ones enemies; (3) that one should not do to others, what one does not want done to himself; (4) that not only one should not sin, but one should not even think about sin; (5) that it is necessary to be pure in heart, etc., etc. At that time society was drowning in evil and there was no movement or a vector which would pull it towards Good. This was done by the Lord Jesus Christ's sermon and only His sermon: He Himself, His apostles and later the Holy Orthodox Church created by Him.
   Christ's Commandments may appear as paradoxes, but if one thinks them through and considers their effect on man, his environment, society, today, in the future and even in the afterlife, then they become obvious.

   Christian postulates gradually entered into the life of all nations, not right away, but little by little everything was washed clean. This is why our era is referred to as Christian, and our chronology begins from the birth of the Lord Jesus Christ. Certainly, all this did not happen instantly, abut gradually, in some places more slowly and in others faster. Sometimes the changes occurred at once, and sometimes it required hundreds or even two thousand years. Presently, there still are places in which people live as they lived before the sermon of Jesus Christ.

    Let's finish these "Remarks" with words of the great Russian poet and writer A.S.Pushkin: «Christianity is a great spiritual and political upheaval of our planet. In this sacred struggle the world vanished and was renewed».

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