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from Krylov's fable


Among the many fables, written by Ivan Krylov, a fable "The Pig under the ancient Oak," can be applied to godless, atheists, blasphemers and other unbelievers.
    They live in a world created by Lord God. Science has proven that yes, indeed, the whole universe is the result of the Big Bang ("Big Bang Theory"), when all things were created out of nothing! The reason for this explosion was the metaphysical, that is, not physical, since nothing physical existed yet. This means that it was some higher power that is GOD.

    Moreover, Christianity showed to humanity the best way to live, so that the effects will beneficial and constructive. The pagan world was not uniform. There were people at a high level of development, and there were savages. In the period before the Christian era, much has been achieved. It was a time of known ancient cultures of Persia, Egypt, Greece and Rome. All human inventions, all culture, all the science of our time have their roots in paganism.
    In the area of morals, customs, law and religion there was was a lot of positive, otherwise society would not exist. But this was an exception and in fact everything was different: there was darkness, cruelty, confusion, savagery, slavery, constant wars, etc.
    Two thousand years ago, the center of the world was ancient Rome, who was sinking in depravity and evil. There was not a single person, or a movement, or a vector that could correct it. Until, according to many predictions, did not appear the Savior – Jesus Christ, who by his preaching, the apostles and the Church gradually straightened world in a different channel (direction). Thus, Christianity saved the world and humanity from imminent destruction.
    The world was gradually rebuilt. So, Christianity: elimminated slavery; eliminated human sacrifices; abolished cruel punishments; canceled blood revenge; softened the character of people; reduced constant wars and aggression; reduced hostility to foreigners; improved women's status; improved position of the sick and infirm; improved situation of children; stopped debauchery (depravity, immorality); changed the laws to agree with Christian teaching; Christian characteristics and values became characteristics of a civilized man etc. etc.

    The great Russian poet and novelist Alexander Pushkin wrote: "The Christianity is the great spiritual and political upheaval of our planet. In this sacred changeover the world disappeared and was renewed".
    Christianity has had a positive effect on everything. Certainly current world is far from the Christian ideal, but it is clear that today's life would have been much worse if it did still exist.
    [Godless and atheists of all stripes live in a civilization reformed by Christianity, are enjoying all its benefits, and as a pig in Krylov's fable, condemn (denounce) Christianity, without understanding what they do. (For more details on this topic developed by various authors see links below).

VII. The Pig under the ancient Oak.
Ate acorns plenty, to full;
Having eaten, slept under it;
Then opened his eyes, stood up
And with the snout started to undermine the roots of the Oak.
"But this is harmful to the tree -
The crow tells her from the Oak -
If you expose the roots, it can dry out."
"Let it dry - says the Pig -
This does not worry me at all;
I see little use for it;
If he will not be any more, I will not regret at all,
Only acorns should be: for I am fat because of them."
"Ungrateful! - said the Oak to her -
Were you able to lift your snout,
You would see,
That these acorns grow on me."

Ignoramus is also blinded
He denounces sciences and learning,
And all learned works,
Not seeing that he is using their fruits.

I.A.Krylov, 1821-1823

Примечания. [21апр12]
• [П1] Некоторые места в этом обзоре взяты из прошлых работ. Это сделано для того чтобы она была самостоятельная и законченная (stand by itself) и можно было бы ее читать независимо и без ссылок на другие работы.
• [П2] Aid to reading Russian alphabet.

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