Дорога домой. Выпуск ДД-06а  [29окт06]

The Christianity had beneficial influence on the whole world. Pagan world - which was dominated by force, riches, pride, cruelty, moral decadence - under the influence of Christianity was gradually reborn. The basic values became kindness, love, mercifulness, modesty, forgiveness, moral purity. Christianity has affected person's whole life, and all portions of his complex life and white washed everything. Christian rules and norms for life became the basis of laws of all civilized countries. The Christian teaching became the cradle of the new purified Christian culture. In recent times, in many countries one can see a gradual movement away from Christian principles and values in the life.

1. Paganism. Pagan world was gloomy, the life was harsh and difficult. It was dominated by cruelty, force, riches, pride, moral decadence. Life and the people were rude, cruel and ruthless. The people had fun by looking how people were killing each other. Death sentence was a popular show. The punishments were severe. The people were crucified, tormented, thorn apart, burned, tortured etc. During the war people were especially harsh to each other. The victors exterminated the peaceful population and maimed prisoners. There was slavery. The slave could be purchased, sold or even killed. The person could become indebted or be taken into captivity and then became a slave. In many religions existed sacrifices, even human, moral decadence and immorality.

2. Christianity. The Christian teaching was completely opposite to customs, morals and attitudes of paganism. Christian faith changed in everything the whole way of life: (1) Instead of selfishness - taught love, (2) Replaced pride with humility, (3) Instead of luxury, which in Roman Empire reached unbelievable proportions, required abstention and fasting, (4) eradicated monogamy, (5) has ennobled meaning of the slaves, (6) called the rich people to mercifulness and charity.
    The Christianity morally ennobles and cleanses the person and directs his whole activity towards good. Even if the person acquires only one idea or teaching from Christianity, this already has a beneficial influence on him. Many pagan religions were softened and cleansed under the influence of Christianity. Christianity is the most noble faith from all existing religions. This fact, testifies that this teaching was given by the Lord God Himself.

3. Orthodoxy. The Orthodox Church is that Church which was established by the apostles of Jesus Christ almost 2000 years ago and in which apostolic succession exists. It has the truth and fullness of the Christian teaching and is the only genuine Christ's Church. Therefore, one can say that Orthodox Faith is the purest form of Christianity.
    The Orthodox should be glad and thank Lord God for giving them such a grace, as to be members of the true Christ's Church. In no event they have the right to be proud, since the pride is a sin. Besides this the pride always causes in a person the development of many other sins. The knowledge of Russian language makes accessible to us a large treasury of spiritual books, which do not exist in western languages. Therefore, our belonging to the Orthodox Faith and the knowledge of Russian language, imposes on us a very special responsibility; to know its teaching, to live according to it and to apply special efforts to transfer it to our family, close ones, friends and all other.

4. Other Christian religions, societies and sects. Non-Orthodox Christian religions, societies and sects due to different reasons have departed from the Orthodox Church or someone started them without any connection with the Orthodox Church. In other words, these churches lost their connection with the historical Church, or they never had it. On their own they changed and distorted beyond recognition its many teachings. One could imagine Orthodox faith as a Christmas tree, where everything on it is beautiful, deep, plentiful and has a purpose and has a very deep spiritual and moral meaning. Many other religions one could imagine as a more and more simple and empty Christmas tree and in some cases just one artificial tree trunk.

5. Below is the list of influences of Christianity:

5.1 On people: (1) Improved morals of the people, (2) Promoted softening of harsh customs, (3) Directed all activity of the person towards good.

5.2 On Family: (4) Strengthened the marriage, (5) Eliminated polygamy, (6) Ended abuse by man, (7) Released woman from a slavish position in the family, (8) Improved position of children.

5.3 On Society: (9) Stopped the revenge, (10) Destroyed the slavery, (11) Stopped abuse of children (child labor), (12) Affected in positive ways all areas of life and purified everything, (13) Christian qualities became the qualities of a civilized person.

5.4 On Culture: (14) Explained love, (15) Explained holiness, (16) Disseminated education and learning, (17) Affected positively art, education, music, (18) Begun printing books, (19) Planted the beginnings of Russian culture, (20) Positively affected the culture of all countries.

5.5 On Laws and Human rights: (21) The laws all over the world begun to be based on Christian teaching about the life and relations between the people, (22) Many political movements borrowed Christian concepts for their programs. For example "Freedom, brotherhood, equality", "he who does not work, does not eat".

5.6 On other religions: (23) Many pagan religions were softened and cleansed under the effect of Christianity.

[П1] Эта работа была написана для учеников «Русской Церковной Гимназии при Храме всех Святых в Земле Российской просиявших», в Бурлингейме, штат Калифорния. Так как некоторые ученики не так хорошо владеют русским языком, для того что бы они могли быстрее осилить и усвоить русский текст, то специально для них был прибавлен к русскому тексту, английский.

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