Дорога домой. Выпуск ДД-12.12а  [21сен06]
14/27 September

The biggest Holy Day for Orthodox Christians is Paskha or Resurrection of Christ -- this is the Holy Day of all Holy Days. Besides Paskha there are also 12 major holy days -- "Twelve Holy Days": (1) Nativity of Mother of God, (2) The Entry into the Church of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, (3) Annunciation of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, (4) Christ's Christmas, (5) Meeting of the Lord, (6) Baptism of the Lord, (7) Transfiguration of the Lord, (8) The Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem, (8a) Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, (9) The Ascension of the Lord, (10) The Descent of the Holy Spirit on the Apostles, (11) Dormition of the Mother of God, (12) The Elevation of the Lord's Cross. [From the textbook by Protoierey Apolloniy Temnomerov, The Sacred History of the New Testament, Petrograd, 1915 (in Russian)]. [ДД-21.1ра]

Holy days sanctify our life and illuminate the main events in Christian history and serve as a school of virtue and piety and remind us of the high truths of the faith. Orthodox people do not have to "study Bible" like Protestants, since the Church Calendar is constantly instructing them. The Icons of the Twelve Holy Days are in the church on the iconostas (iconostasis), in the second row from the bottom. In Orthodox Russia Paskha (Easter) and Twelve Holy Days were civil holidays.

The First Сhristians were ancient Jews and they experienced great persecutions from the Jewish leaders which did not follow Jesus Christ. The first Christian martyr, First Martyr St. Stephan, was stoned to death, for Christian sermon. After the fall of Jerusalem begun, many times more terrible persecutions of Christians by pagan Romans. Romans were against Christians as the Christian faith, was completely opposite to customs, morals and views of pagans. Instead of selfishness -- it preached love, instead of pride placed humility, instead of luxury, taught abstention and fasting, eliminated polygamy, promoted freeing of slaves and instead of cruelty called for mercy and charity. Christianity morally ennobles and purifies man and directs all his activity towards good (goodness). Christianity was forbidden, was strictly (strongly) punished and Christians were cruelly tortured, and then killed. This was until the year of 313 when emperor Constantine not only has freed Christians, but also made Christianity the state religion.

The raising of the Lord's Cross, the last of twelve major Church Holy Days, the textbook of God's Law describes as follows:

The raising of the Lord's Cross. Prosecutions of Christians continued for about three hundred years, and stopped during the great emperor Costantine, who himself has accepted Christian faith. His mother pious tsarina (queen) Helen, went to Jerusalem to find the cross on which Lord God Jesus Christ was crucified.

Tsarina was told, that Christ's cross is buried in the ground, and that on that place the pagan temple was built. Then, on Elena's order, the building was torn down and began to dig the ground. The three crosses were found and near them the plaque with an inscription: "Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Tsar (King) of Judea".

In order to find out which of three Crosses is Lord's, they began to place them on the dead person. From two crosses there was no miracle, when they placed the third cross, the dead one was resurrected, and this way they found out which was Lord's Cross.

Everybody who was present, wanted to see the holy cross. Then the patriarch of Jerusalem Makary and tsarina (queen) Helen stood on an elevated place and began to raise the cross, and people bowed to it and exclaimed: "Lord, have mercy on us!"

ТРОПАРЬ (Глас 1-й)
Спаси Господи, люди Твоя,
и благослови достояние Твое,
победы православным христианом
на сопротивныя даруя,
и Твое сохраняя Крестом Твоим жительство.

По русски (перевод АНМ)
Спаси Господи, люди Твои,
и благослови достояние Твое,
победы православным христианам
на врагов даруй,
и Твое сохраняя Крестом Твоим жительство.

КОНДАК (Глас 4-й)
Вознесыйся на Крест волею,
тезоименитому Твоему новому жительство
щедроты Твои даруй, Христе Боже:
возвесели силою Твоею православныя христианы,
победы дая им на сопостаты,
пособие имущым Твое оружие мира,
непобедимую победу.

По русски (перевод АНМ)
Вознесся на Крест волею,
тезоименитому Твоему новому жительство
щедроты Твои даруй, Христе Боже:
возвесели силою Твоей православных христиан,
победы дай им на врагов,
пособие имущим Твое оружие мира,
непобедимую победу.

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