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1. Peter E.Gillquist: "Becoming Orthodox. A Journey to the Ancient Christian Faith".
1989, Wolgemuth & Hyatt, Publishers, Inc, Brentwood, Tennessee. 186 pages, Soft Cover, app.$10.00
After a long and difficult journey, 2000 weary Evangelical Protestants finally found their way home, to Orthodox Church. (После длиной и тяжелой дороги, 2000 усталых протестантов евангелистов, в конце концов, нашли свою дорогу домой, к Православной Церкви).

2. Frank Schaeffer. "Dancing Alone. The Quest for Orthodox Faith in the Age of False Religion."
1994, Holy Cross Orthodox Press, Brookline, MA 02146. 327 pages, soft cover.
The son of the famous Protestant theologian, Francis Schaeffer, describes his spiritual journey from Protestantism to the Orthodox Church.
(Сын знаменитого протестантского евангелиста богослова, Францис Шейфэр (Francis Schaeffer), описывает свой духовный путь от протестантизма к Православной Церкви).

3. The Orthodox Church
Introductory leaflet available at the Church of All Russian Saints in Burlingame, CA. This small publication was probably written in 1980s and is rich with information. Contents: (1) Heaven on Earth. (2) Origins of Orthodoxy. (3) Orthodox Worship. (4) Sacred Tradition. (5) Orthodox Beliefs and Sacraments. (6) Church Symbols. (7) Icons. (8) The Catacomb Church. (9) The Russian Church Abroad.

4. The baptism of Russia and Its Significance for Today (by T. Voronov).
The talk delivered by Theodore Voronov, PhD Math., at St. Aidan's church, in Manchester, UK, on October 13, 2001.

5. Eusebius. "The History of the Church." Translated by G.A. Williamson.
1965. Dorset Press, New York, NY. 431 pages, hard cover.
Greek Bishop Eusubius (AD 263-339) wrote the only surviving history of the Church, of the first 300 years. This translation makes it easy to read.
(Греческий епископ Евсевий (263-339 гг.) написал единственную уцелевшую историю Церкви, первых 300 лет. Этот новый английский перевод легко читается).

6. Orthodox Bible
The Orthodox Study Bible - New Testament And Psalms.
Discovering Orthodox Christianity In The Pages Of The New Testament
1991. Thomas Nelson.
New Kings James Version Bible with Orthodox notes. "Editorial Reviews. For the first time, English-speaking Orthodox Christians have an edition of the New Testament and Psalms that offers Bible study aids written from the Orthodox perspective. Prepared under the direction of canonical Orthodox theologians and hierarchs, The Orthodox Study Bible presents a remarkable combination of historic theological insights and practical instruction in Christian living. Clergy and laity who want to learn more about the Orthodox Christian faith and liturgical and sacramental foundations in the Scriptures will gain a wealth of information for the preparation of sermons and lessons as Orthodox Christian doctrine is clearly explained.

If you are looking for authoritative guidance in interpreting Scripture, understanding the early church, and learning how to apply the Word of God to your spiritual life -- The Orthodox Study Bible will be a treasured resource for you".

7. Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy. "The Law Of God"
1993, Holy Trinity Monastery, P.O.Box 36, Jordanville, NY 13361. 635 pages, hard cover, $50.00
Bookstore (315) 858-0940
Well known textbook of God's Law for family and school. Translated by Mrs Price, (the Orthodox American lady), for her children, who were studying in Russian Church Parish School. For this monumental labor of love glory to her, and let Lord God and His Most Holy Mother bless her.
(Общеизвестный учебник Закона Божия для семьи и школы. Перевела г-жа Прайс (американка перешедшая в Православие), для своих детей, которые учились в русской церковно-приходской школе. За этот монументальный труд честь ей и слава и да благословит ее Господь Бог и Его Пречистая Матерь).

8. Metropolitan Filaret. Orthodox Morality.
Morality (Philaret) (MLe-37b)
Excellent book on application of God's Law in our lives. Discusses 30 different themes. Used in the last grade of Church-Parish School by 16 year olds.
Orthodox-Christian Morality in Questions and Answers (For Philaret's Book) (CG8e-1)

9. Short Confession before a Spiritual Father (DD-47.2e)
This small note is the aid for daily confession and remembering one's sins. Note that this list does not include sins of Ten Commandments. They are heavy sins and Orthodox Christian should not have them. If they exist, they should be confessed to the Spiritual Father as soon as possible.

In Orthodox understanding only God does not sin. We are all sinners, but we should try to come as close to God as possible in our moral qualities. To help us understand our moral state we can imagine the "Scale of good and evil", with God, total goodness, love, justice, beauty on the top and the total evil on the bottom. We are all on this scale. Saints are close to God, and evil people are close to the bottom. We can never reach the top, since only God is perfect. Also, no human being can be at the very bottom, since nobody can be completely evil and therefore can be always saved. It is our duty, as Orthodox Christians, to slowly move up the scale. There is an icon "Ladder" [*] that represents this idea. This is opposite of the western idea which is embodied in the statement "You cannot change human nature". This is exactly what Orthodox Christians are doing. They are slowly changing their nature into a kinder and a better one. The methodology includes learning to recognize sinful-destructive actions, words and thoughts, and when they occur to stop them. One of the terms used for this is called "walking before God". This way the Orthodox Christian is learning to be aware of all of his actions. Then there is a daily prayer rule with confession, fast periods, confession before a priest and the holy communion. These two last ones are "Holy Mysteries (or sacraments) through which the Holy Spirit mysteriously and invisibly confers Grace upon man.

[*] Russian text next to the image of the icon: "Only the Lord God is without sin, and the natural condition for a man is also sinlessness. But a sin has entered our nature, poisoned it and spoiled it. Any sin is a destructive behavior and it always brings many difficulties, traumas and problems to the society, people and the sinner himself. The virtue and a good deed, on the contrary, is a constructive behavior. Exclusion of a sin from our life leads to peace, quiet, love, calmness and to a more fruitful life. Therefore, our task for the whole life, is not to sin by deed, word or a thought, to live according to the Commandments of God's Law, to expel from oneself sinful habits, to develop in oneself good moral qualities and thus gradually come closer, in our qualities, to the Lord God, and our natural condition and inherit the eternal life".

10. What is the Difference Between Orthodoxy and Western Confessions?
Probably the best explanation available.
Metropolitan Anthony (Khrapovitsky) of Kiev and Galich, 1863-1936, was one of the most highly respected and deeply loved Orthodox hierarchs of our times, a candidate for the restored Patriarchal See of Moscow in 1917, organizer and first primate of the Russian Church Abroad, and the spiritial father of the whole generation of Orthodox, most of all -- of St. John the Wonderworker of Shanghai and San Francisco . A careful and discerning reader of this article, first published in 1911 in St. Petersburg, will not only learn much about the historical ways of Christianity, but also gain insight into the legacy of the past century and the challenges we are about to face in the next one.
From the website of St. Xenia Orthodox Church, Methuen, MA 01844

11. Great Lent and Christ's Paskha (DD-11e)

12. Orthodox America
P.O.Box 383, Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Newspaper, 8 issues/year, $10.00/yr
Probably the best Orthodox newspaper in English language, published by two dedicated sisters.
(Отличная православная газета на английском языке. Издается двумя сестрами).

13. Orthodox England
Magazine "Orthodox England" now has a website. The editor is English priest convert to Orthodoxy and ROCOR (ROCA). Soft spoken gentle soul. Teaches that England initially was Orthodox and when it became Catholic and later Anglican, it lost touch with true Christian spirit. Because of this, now it has a myriad of problems which can be solved only by the return to its original faith, the Orthodoxy.

14. Timothy Ware (Bishop Kallistos Diokleia). Orthodox Church
1963, revised 1993. Penguin Books, London, England & New York, NY
358 pages, soft cover, $12.00
Excellent introduction to the Orthodox faith written by famous anglican convert, who is now (2002) the Bishop of the Greek Orthodox Church in England. The book contains the History of the Orthodox Church, faith and Church Services.
(Прекрасное введение в Православную веру написанное известным англиканским конвертом, который сейчас является епископом Греческой Православной Церкви. В книге история Православной Церкви, вера и богослужение). (Click on "English" and "Textbooks")

15. Bishop Alexander (Mileant) site
The best site for Russian Orthodox brochures.

16. Quo Vadis
Film based on the book by Henryk Sienkiewicz
Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture. MGM/UA Home Video
1951, 2 hrs 51 min, Color, $25.00
Well known work by Polish writer Henryk Sienkiewicz: "Quo Vadis". Describes the Christian persecution times, cruelty and moral decadence in the society.
(Общеизвестное произведение польского писателя Генрика Сьенкевича: «Камо Грядеши». Из времен гонений на христиан, жестокости и нравственного упадка общества).

17. Orthodox Churches In San Francisco Bay Area
Orthodox Churches In San Francisco Bay Area (DD-39ра)

18. Orthodox Churches In the West
Orthodox Church websites and Parish Directories in the West (DD-39.2)

19. A Hymn to the Lesser Good [Archbishop John (Shahovskoy) of San Francisco (OCA)]
Excellent paper on the importance of small good deeds.

20. The Sacrament of Baptism. Full text with explanations (CG3e-3)


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