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Archbishop John (Shahovskoy) (OCA)

Faith without works is dead (James 2:26)
Life is given to do good works
(in Russian popular saying)

Many people think that to live by faith and fulfill God's will is very difficult. In fact - it is easy. One only has to pay attention to detail, for trifles, and try to deviate from the evil in the very small and light things. This is the surest way and simple - enter the spiritual world and come closer to God. A person usually thinks that the Creator requires him great things, that the Gospel condition of faith puts extreme human sacrifice, the destruction of his personality, etc. Man is so frightened by this that he begins to fear in anything close to God and hiding from God, not wanting to even go into the Word of God. "I still can not do more for God's will would be better apart from the spiritual world will not think about the eternal world, and live," as live ".

At the entrance to the religious domain there is a hypnosis "big things:" You must do some great thing, or do nothing. And people do not do any work for God and my soul! It's amazing - the more people put little things in life, the less it is in the details does not want it to be honest, pure, faithful to God. Meanwhile, through the right attitude to detail must pass every person who wants to get closer to the Kingdom of God.

"Want to get closer ..." Here precisely lies the difficulty of religious tract. Usually, he wants to enter into the kingdom of God is totally for myself suddenly, magically, miraculously, or by law, through any great feat. But neither the one nor the other is not a true finding of a higher world. Not magically, miraculously comes a man of God, being an alien in the land interests of the kingdom of God and the light of eternity, do not buy it values ??the kingdom of God by any outside his act, no matter how big this thing. Good deeds , holy man needs to inculcate a higher life, the light will, desire the good, psychology, heavenly, pure of heart and truthful.

And it is through small business, daily acts of all this can be grafted and gain a foothold in a person. Small good deeds - it is water on the flower of the human personality. Does not necessarily require water to pour on the flower sea water. You can pour half a cup, and it is for the life of a flower would have been a lot of vital importance. Do not have a hungry man, and a long hunger strike to eat twenty pounds of bread - enough to eat half a pound, and even his body will rise.

Life itself offers a surprising similarity, and the importance of the little things. In medicine, which always has to deal with small strictly limited quantities of drugs, there are still plenty of homeopathic science, which recognizes only a very small drug quantities on the basis that our body itself produces extremely small quantities of valuable substances for him, contenting them to maintain prosperity and their lives.

And I would like to draw the attention of every human being on the very small, very easy for him, and yet very necessary things.

"Verily, verily I say unto you, whoever gives one of these little ones only a cup of cold water in the name of the student, not lose his reward" (Matt. 10:42). The word of God - an expression of the importance of small goods. Glass of water - it's not a lot. Palestine during the Saviour was blooming, watered country, and a glass of water was a very small quantity, but of course, practically valuable at a time when people traveled mostly on foot. But God is not limited to indicating the small glass of cold water. He still talks to his serve, even in the name of the student . This remarkable detail ... And it must carefully stay.

Best creation of all life - is a creature in Christ's name. Blessed be the future in which any sense, in the name of Christ. Christ's name attached to all things and actions eternal value, no matter how small actions. And the sacrificial love of man, which is always the answer Christ's love, makes a significant and precious every word, every gesture, every tear, every smile, every look of a man. And God clearly says that not even his name, but only in the name of his disciples, who have little good to have great value in eternity. In the name of the student , this - the limit with His Spirit, His deed, his life.

In any human communication must necessarily be a good spirit, Christ, or His appearing in the explicit or hidden. .

In the name of the student - this is the first step of communicating with another person in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Many still do not know the Lord, and wondrous communion in his name, already have between them is selfless, pure fellowship of men, brings them closer to the Spirit of Christ. And on this first stage of goodness, of which the Lord said, as the filing of a glass of cold water only in the name of the student may be many. Better to say - everything. Also correctly understand these words of Christ literally, and strive to help every person. No single moment of this communication will not be forgotten before God as not a single small bird will not be forgotten before the Heavenly Father (Luke 12:6).

Saving people is that they can be grafted to the trunk of the tree of eternal life through the most insignificant act of kindness. For the wild apple tree does not need to inculcate a barrel of good apples. It suffices to take a small stalk and plant it to one of the branches wildings. Also, to vskvasit barrel with dough, not to confuse him with another barrel of yeast. Enough to put quite a bit of yeast and leavened the whole barrel. Likewise, in the well. The smallest can produce huge effects. That's why they do not have to neglect the little things in the good, and say to myself: "Great good can not do - I will not worry about any kind."

How even the smallest kindness is useful to humans, we can conclusively prove the fact that the least harm to him is extremely harmful. Hit us speck in the eye: the eye sees nothing, tears, and even the other eye to look at this difficult time. Minor evils, the priest, as a speck in the eye of the soul, now also takes a man of building real life. Trumpery good: to remove himself or another person's eyes the speck out of your body or soul - but it's good, without which one can not live.

Truly, a small kindness, even more necessary to man than a lot. Survive without the big people, almost did not. Perishing mankind not for lack of great kindness, but from the lack of it is a small kindness. Much good is a roof, erected on the walls of small bricks of goodness.

Small, easy good left on earth for the Creator of man, taking away all that is great. And the one who creates small, through to the Creator to do great. Small our Creator creates its great. For our Lord - the Creator, who created everything from nothing, especially from a small can create great things. But even small dvizheiiyu up resists air and land. Everyone, even the small and light good resists human inertia. This conservatism Savior revealed in a very short parable: ... "No one after drinking old wine desires new, for he says: The old is better" (Luke 5:39).

That is the belief that old, familiar and habitual state is always better than new, unknown, inherent in every unenlightened person. Only started to increase, on a path to alkanes and thirst for truth of Christ and spiritually impoverished cease to regret his conservatism, his immobility produced in the life and the lives of warmed nests ... It is difficult to mankind separates from the familiar, this is itself, may be partly, and stores of unbridled audacity of evil.

Through a small, easy to do the work of a man accustomed to goodness and begins to serve it from the heart, sincerely, and after it enters the atmosphere of kindness, takes root their lives in new soil, soil good. The roots of human life is easily adapted to this soil good, and soon can not live without it ... Since man is saved from: - Small is great. Faithful in the small is true in the great (Luke 16:10).

Leave aside all the arguments: permissible or not permissible to kill millions of people, women, children and the elderly, try to show their sense of morality in a trifle: not never kill a person close to your word or a hint or gesture.

Do not be angry about trifles on his brother (Matt. 5:22); not speak in everyday everyday everyday life injustice to his neighbor. Trifle, a trifle, a nonentity, but try to execute it, and you'll see what happens.

It is difficult at night to pray. But delve into the morning, if you can not home, then at least when going to a place of their service, and free your mind, go into the "Our Father." And let your heart will echo the words of this short prayer. And at night betray themselves wholeheartedly into the hands of our Heavenly Father. It's quite easy.

And Serve, serve a glass of cold water to anyone who will need, serve a glass filled with the simplest involving every person in need. This water every where entire river - do not be afraid, do not scanty - Draw for each a glass.

Wonderful way to small things, I sing you a hymn! Surround, the people themselves, is surrounded by small deeds of goodness - a chain of small, simple, easy, nothing we have not faced good feelings, bright thoughts, words and deeds. Left a large and difficult. It is for everyone who loves him, but not for us, still did not like the big one. The Lord has prepared His grace, poured out everywhere, like air and water, a small love. This small but incessant love of God is inextinguishable lamp in the temple of the soul. It is a quiet breath, without which no life ...

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