Дорога домой. Выпуск ДД-46.3  [02янв06]
[ Aid to reading Russian alphabet]

I am the way, and the truth, and the life.
(John 14:6)

Note about English translation: This translation is an exact copy of the Russian text, that is whatever is available at a present time. If it is not available, then the Russian text is omitted. The page will be updated when the new translations will become available.
    This page was written at the request of some parents. It contains information needed for studying God's Law, at home, with children. It has documentation of the church-parish Gimnazia in Burlingame, CA. Gimnazia is using curriculum used by Church Gimnazia in San Francisco. Both schools exist many years. If you have any questions you can get in touch with the writer by e-mail: dorogadomoj@aol.com.

Introduction. Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy, in his famous textbook "The Law of God for Study at Home and School" (p.490). There are these words: "The knowledge of God is the most important of all knowledges. It is the first and most important of our duties. All science and human knowledge, if they are not illuminated by the knowledge of God loose their true meaning, its sense and its goal. Instead of good these sciences bring into life a lot of evil".

1. Study Programs.
God's Law Curriculum for High Schools E(ДД-31а)    R

2. Gimnazia Subjects.
The program of study is extended over eleven years (or ten). Three Preparatory and eight (or seven) Gimnazia grades are made up of following subjects. Their descriptions can be found on pages indicated above: и E(ДД-31а). In Preparatory grades prayers and Twelve Major Holy Days are studied, and in Gimnazia there are following subjects:
    1st grade -- Old Testament.
    2nd grade -- New Testament.
    3rd grade -- Divine Service.
    4th grade -- History of the Christian Church.
    5th grade -- History of the Russian Church.
    6th grade -- Cathecism.
    7th grade -- Orthodox Morality.
    8th grade -- Apologetics.

3. Textbooks
At the beginners, first level (I) one can use textbooks from our site, and on the second (II) one can use following books:
    (1) Prayer Book (E),
    (2) Bible (NKJV) (E),
    (3) Archpriest Seraphim Slobodskoy, "The Law of God for Study at Home and School" (E)

Preparatory Grades
Paskha and Twelve Major Holy Days E(ДД-12а)    RE    R
Protection of the Most Holy Mother of God RE(ДД-12.14ра)    E-nd    R

Gimnazia, 2nd grade, New Testament
Life of Lord Jesus Christ RE-inc(ДД-21.1ра)    E-nd    R
Miracles of Lord Jesus Christ E-inc(ДД-21.2а)    RE-inc    R
Parables of Lord Jesus Christ E-incДД-21.3а)    RA-inc    R
Teaching of Lord Jesus Christ RE(ДД-21.4ра)    E-inc    R

Christmas E(ДД-12.04а)    RE    R
Great Lent and Christ's Paskha E(ДД-11а)    RE    R

Gimnazia, 3rd grade, Divine Service
Divine Liturgy. Outline RE(ДД-10ра)    E-nd    R
Liturgy. Aid for studying RE(ДД-10.2ра)

Gimnazia, 4th grade, History of Christian Church
Introduction into the History of the Christian Church. Outline E(ДД-13.3а)    RE    R
History of the Christian Church. Outline E(ДД-13а)    RE-nd    R
Beneficial influence of Christianity RE(ДД-6)    E-nd    R
The Orthodox Church E(ДД-6)

Gimnazia, 5th grade, History of Russian Church
History of Russian Church. Outline R(ДД-14.0)
HRC, Introduction RE(ДД-14.1ра)    E-nd    R
HRC, Godless Period RE(ДД-14.6ра)    E-inc    R
HRC, Russian Church Outside of Russia RE(ДД-14.7)    E-inc    R

Gimnazia, 6th grade, Catechism
What is Catechism RE(ДД-09)    E-nd    R

Gimnazia, 7th grade, Orthodox-Christian Morality
Orthodox-Christian Morality E(ДД-64.5а)    RE-nd    R
Morality, Questions and Answers (for Met. Philaret) E(ЦГ7-1а)    R
Orthodox-Christian Morality (Met. Philaret) E(ДД-64а)    R

Gimnazia, 7th grade, Graduating
Comprehensive Exam in God's Law E(ДД-64.6а)    R

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