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Bishop Alexander Mileant (+2005).
I am the way and the truth and the life.
(John 14:6)

    Bishop Alexander (Mileant), Buenos Aires and South America Russian Orthodox Church Abroad (ROCA), lived in Los Angeles, California. An extraordinary, tireless, legendary ascetic worker in Christ's field. In the world a working scientist who has successfully combined a family and secular work with church activities. He wrote and printed 763 brochures, 300 in Russian, 192 in English, 168 in Spanish and 103 in Portuguese. His site and brochures are a great success in the spiritual revival of Russia and abroad. In Russia, many have been reprinted as pamphlets, books, or placed on other sites.

    The God's Law – is the guiding star, indicating to the man-traveler the way to Heaven. The value of the God's Law does not diminish over the centuries. On the contrary, the more human life is complicated with controversial ideas, the more a person needs a clear and authoritative guidance of God's Commandments.

    The God's Law – is the light enlightening the mind and warming the heart. This is how the people looked at it, eager to find a higher meaning in their lives: "Your Law – is my consolation ... How I love Thy law! The whole day I am thinking about it. With Thy commandment Thou made me wiser than my enemies ... Great is peace those who love Thy law: and they have no obstacle" – wrote the ancient saint-poets – King David and others (Psalm 118:1, 77, 97-98, 165).

    The God's Commandments can be compared with the laws of nature: they both have their source in the Creator and complement each other: some govern soulless nature, others give the moral basis of the human soul. The difference between them is that matter, of course, subject to physical laws, a man is free to conform or not to conform the moral law. In granting a person the freedom to choose is a great mercy of God, this freedom allows men to grow spiritually and improve, even – to become Godlike. However, the moral freedom imposes on a responsible for his actions.

    Intentional violation of the God's commandments leads to spiritual and physical degeneration, slavery, suffering and finally – to a catastrophe. For example, even before God created our visible world, a tragedy occurred in the angelic world, then the proud Lucifer rebelled against the Creator and with other angels, formed his own kingdom, which became a place of darkness and horror, referred to as hell. Another tragedy occurred in the life of humanity, when our first parents, Adam and Eve broke the commandment of God, resulting in a plague of sin of disobedience passed to their offspring, and lives filled with crime, suffering and misery. To smaller disasters one can attribute the deluge to punish his contemporaries of Noa, the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, the destruction first of Israel, and then – Judean kingdom during Nebuchadnezzar, and second time, in the year of 70 AD, the fall of the Byzantine and the Russian Empire, and many other disasters, that happen to countries for the sins of their people.

    Comparing further the laws of nature with the God's Laws, one must say that the laws of nature are temporary and conditional: they appeared together with the physical world and with it are likely to cease to exist. (This is the opinion of some modern scholars). Moral laws are the same – always. They contain the basic moral norms, which are unchanged, because they show the essence of the eternal and immutable Creator.

    Fundamentals of the moral law were laid down by the Creator into the spiritual nature of a man. We feel this law in us every time, when the conscience tells us that we should or should not do something. Comparing the moral law in man's soul with the law in the Scriptures, we see that they have the same content: the God's Commandments in a concrete verbal form confirm what our conscience tells our heart.

Bishop Alexander Mileant, ROCA (+2005)

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