«Спасибо» из России.
"Thank You" from Russia

Большая часть жителей Зарубежной Руси что-то делает для возрождения своего отечества. Многие оказывают помощь родственникам и знакомым, а многие осуществляют разные проекты. Внизу приводится пример одной боголюбивой русской женщины, из третьего поколения белой эмиграции. Несмотря на то что живет вдали от русских центров, она сама устраивает обеды с выступлениями, в пользу русских больных детей в г. Хабаровск. Эта статья была написана для помещения в местной газете в г. Виктория, Британская Колумбия, Канада.

A Thank You letter was received from Tatyana N. Ivanova of the Khabarovsk City Hall (Khabarovsk is Victoria’s Twin Sister City), and Nina P. Buimova, the Director of the Special Orphanage #5 thanking for $1,000.00 U.S. funds received for the orphanage. Their sincerest gratitude goes to all Victorians who have helped raise this money.

The event which raised this money was the Russian Dinner Fundraiser, held last March at the New James Bay Horizons. It was thought of by two concerned Victorians (Galina Alpatoff and Marya Nyland) who decided to help Orphanage #5, in Khabarovsk acquire furniture it badly needed (dining room tables, chairs…). The Event consisted of an authentic Russian food, entertainment (songs sung in Russian), a live auction and a raffle. Many dedicated volunteers gave their time, talents, and money to make this event an unforgettable one. Ms. Nyland, a tireless volunteer personally conducted the auction, made, distributed and sold raffle tickets raising with this $904.00 (auction - $390.00, and raffle - $514.00), while Louise Amuir, a talented artist made a lovely “Russian Rhapsody” Quilt which was used as the raffle item. A tremendous help was also provided by Dr. Michael Tripp, who established personal contacts, and directed the funds to reach the Special Orphanage #5.

The Orphanage #5 which houses 88 sick and underdeveloped children is now able to purchase furniture it needs. All children are exited, and wondering where is Victoria, and who did send them the money. The result of this is, that Nina Buimova is now planning to create a special corner in one of the rooms, where they will display and keep information about our Victoria.

Meanwhile we are looking into what information we could find about Victoria, so we could give it to the Russian student Pasha Shurikov, who will be returning next week to Khabarovsk after two years of study at Lester Pearson International College of the Pacific. Pasha has been sponsored by the Victoria Khabarovsk Association, and Pearson College. Students at this College come from 85 different countries – all students there are given an unique international education – education with hope for a better understanding among nations, and for a better world.

We are also hoping to repeat our cultural entertainment in the future, and rise more money for orphanages, orphans, and street children of Russia.

Galina Alpatoff – Event Organizer
e-mail: gnalpatoff@hotmail.com or gnalpatoff@telus.net


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«Спасибо» из России.
"Thank You" from Russia»

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